10 Popular Indian Drinks to Try in Summer

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Sunny days are back! Who doesn’t like to be sunkissed on Sunday afternoon while bathing in the sunshine? Well, everyone does! But wait, there is another side to summer as well, where you get dehydrated in the scorching heat and have to go through the burn, sweating, and so much more.

The first thing that most of us do to bear with heat strokes is to run towards aerated drinks. To find relief without putting your health on the verge, it’s good to reach out to these age-old Indian summer drinks. The A to Z Indian food list is incomplete without these popular Indian drinks.

Let’s have a glance at 10 popular summer drinks that are worth a try.

1. Masala Chaas

Chaas is a cool Indian drink that enjoys decent popularity among Indians. Curd is the main ingredient but to elevate the taste jeera and other spices are also used in the drink. Apart from the refreshing taste, Chaas also has digestive benefits which makes it a win-win against heat strokes.

Last but not least, it is easily prepared and will stimulate your taste buds before you know it.

2. Mango Lassi

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and you are obsessed with mangoes, mango lassi is the ideal beverage for you in summer. Mango lassi is a delicious blend of yogurt, sweet mangoes, and a dash of cardamom making it a wholesome treat. This is a super thick and reviving drink that becomes a solace to your thirst in summer. You can choose to garnish the drink with strands of saffron and nuts to uplift the flavor.

3. Shikanji

To revive energy after a hectic day, there’s nothing better than fresh lime juice. This refreshing drink is highly popular among Indians thanks to its sweet-savory taste. The drink is remarkably good when combined with mint leaves, black pepper, coriander powder, and other spices. Fresh lime soda is ubiquitous and also experimented with tragacanth gum (famously known as Gond Katira) due to the stamina-boosting perk.

4. Aam Panna

Aam Panna has heat-resistant properties and also consists of vitamin A, B, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The drink is prepared with mangoes, sugar, salt, fresh mint, and cumin powder that corrects the problem of dehydration, anemia, cholera, dysentery, and tuberculosis.

If looking to make it healthier, choose jaggery instead of sugar in the drink. Most Indians love serving Aam Panna to their guests as an act of greeting which is pleasingly cherished due to its goodness and deliciousness.

5. Kokum Sharbat 

To feel refreshed inside out, Kokum Sharbat is the best. If you don’t want the summer drink to overpower your appetite, Kokum sharbat is a good choice to have. It has health benefiting properties like being good for digestion and bettering stomach ulcers.

In addition, it is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. However, the drink may not be as hyped as usual but do try it out in summer as it is a great substitute for aerated drinks.

6. Badam Thandai

Due to the rise in mercury, the sweltering heat of summer becomes intolerable for Indians. Thandai is an option that helps you cool down instantly as soon as you gulp it. Thandai is famous across India to celebrate the coming of spring and is extensively consumed on the vibrant festival of Holi.

Additionally, Badam thandai has the goodness of badam that appeases your palate too. Do try the exotic flavor of the drink that aside from tasting great helps with boosting immunity and fighting against diseases.

7. Rooh afza

Rooh afza is like a regular summer drink for Indians that is cherished exceptionally at their homes. It is available at local Indian stores besides the big beverage brands. The literal meaning of rooh afza is soul nourishment, we believe it is explicit truth. You can enjoy it as a normal drink made with plain water and sugar or add milk for a heavenly taste.

So, make your basic water exceptional with rooh afza and let yourself be hydrated.

8. Sol kadhi

Sol kadhi is a tropical drink prepared from the tangy fruit kokum. If you are looking for the perfect substitute for your soda to cool down, Sol kadhi is our go-to recommendation. The drink is quite popular in the regions of Konkan to Goa.

The heat resistance and good digestion are additional perks of it. The drink is prepared from kokum and coconut milk and has managed to grasp its place on the list.

9. Jal Jeera

As the name suggests, Jal-jeera is a coolant drink where jeera is the main ingredient. Cumin seeds are well-known for their medicinal properties that aid with good digestion and anti-inflammatory benefits. The drink is an amalgamation of cumin powder made by roasting the cumin seeds. Furthermore, this prepared powder is added to the water and you can’t help but ingurgitate the chilled glass of the summer drink. Also, it is supremely tasty.

10. Sattu ka Sharbat

Sattu is famously known as the ‘poor man’s protein’ in India due to its rich properties. Sattu ka sharbat is mainly consumed in eastern India and other countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. You can see it easily on small stalls on roads in the summertime. The better the gram powder is roasted the better taste you get. You can have it whenever you want as it is tasty and tummy-filling.

The recipe for making one is super quick and easy and it is available readily in the markets. It is beneficial for good skin and hair, digestion, controlling cholesterol, and a lot more. This summer, do try this delicious and nutritionally good Indian summer drink.

The final words

To conclude, we can say Indian summer drinks are far better than aerated drinks that are loaded with calories and nothing good. The best thing about these Indian coolers is added health benefits aside from the coolant effect.

From mango lassi to rooh afza everything hits us hard with nostalgia and invokes our childhood sweet memories. This summer, make a little effort and relish the taste of our very own homemade summer drinks.

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