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Pour Over Coffee. 



Complete Control

Brew Volume

Brew any a cup or brew a carafe with Invergo's easy to use touchscreen you can select anywhere from 5oz to 40oz.


Brewing Vessel

The removable pour over holder lets you use any pour over method of your choice from a Chemex to a Hario V60.


Water Temperature

Invergo uses 3 separate digital thermometer connected to a sophisticated processor that ensures that water stays within your setting.

Steeping Time

There are 5 unique cycles to choose from all with different pulsing rates allowing you to select the best cycle for your particular coffee.

Total Dissolved Solids

The amount of compounds dissolved in coffee is called total dissolved solids. Too little and your coffee will be week and watery, too much and it will be bitter and too strong. Pod machines for example use a small amount of coffee and disproportional large about of water, this results in a cup of coffee that is extremely weak and watery and underdeveloped. Invergo uses the specialty coffee association of america gold cup ratio to guarantee that the coffee being brewed will be optimal.

PID Temperature Control

Perhaps the most important variable in coffee brewing is the temperature of the water and todays coffee machines exhibit a wide range of temperatures while brewing and almost none ever get hot enough. Invergo on the other hand uses a computer controlled temperature sensor called a proportional integral derivative controller. This controller insures that the water will stay ± 1°F the temperature it is set at, keeping it at the optimal temperature throughout the brewing cycle.


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