Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Ninja Blender?

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Nowadays, blenders have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances due to their versatile benefits. When referring to a Ninja blender, it has gained a name for convenience when used with various ingredients, including vegetables, fresh meat, nuts, etc.

But can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja blender, too?

For coffee lovers who would like to grind coffee beans but do not own a dedicated coffee grinder, this must be their primary concern. Fortunately, a Ninja blender can act as an excellent alternative.

How can it help with coffee grinding? This article will provide you with essential tips and knowledge.

How Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Ninja Blender?

To grind coffee beans with a Ninja blender, you have to find the model that best suits your requirements, then learn how to use it effectively afterward.

Choosing the compatible Ninja blender

Look for a suitable Ninja model that meets the basic standards, such as the operating capacity (400W or higher) and the blade is sharp enough to cut complex materials.

Once you can guarantee that your Ninja blender owns a solid power capacity and sharp blades, it should grind fast, smoothly and result in more delicate coffee powder. Or else, your blender may not be strong enough to grind coffee beans.

Besides, you should use Ninja blenders with a single-serve cup and have a capacity of about 18 ounces for the purpose of ensuring the best coffee bean grinding quality. Also, adding too many or too few coffee beans in one grinding session is not recommended since it can cause uneven coffee powder.

How to use a Ninja blender for grinding coffee beans?

Basically, the Ninja blender grinds coffee beans just like how it does to other foods. If you desire more tips on making the coffee powder more smooth and delicious, follow the process below.

  • First, check your Ninja blender to ensure it’s not defective.
  • Fill the single-serve cup up to ¾ of its capacity with coffee beans. Don’t go for the maximum line because it can lead to unexpected errors. Close the lid and prepare to grind.
  • Press the start button to grind the coffee beans. The grinding process should take some time, depending on the desired smoothness of your coffee powder. An excellent grinding session for a single-serve cup takes 8 – 12 pulses on average.
  • After finishing all the steps above, pour the coffee powder out of the grinder cup. Then, brew a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Bonus Tip: How fine should you grind your coffee beans

Don’t overdo it. Instead, always start with a medium-fine grind. Then, adjust it until the coffee powder looks precisely what you wish for.

However, you still need to taste your coffee to decide whether it’s perfect or not. For example, if your coffee brew becomes a bit sourer than expected, maybe you should go for a finer grind next time. Otherwise, if it turns out to be bitter, you’d better decrease your brew time or use a coarser grind.

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5 Benefits Of Grinding Coffee Beans With A Ninja Blender

Using a Ninja blender to grind coffee beans has a whole host of advantages, which we will introduce in the following list.

Small size

The Ninja blender comes in a compact size that can even fit in your hand. Therefore, it is suitable and handy anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it won’t take much effort to carry or clean the machine after use.

Quick solution

When you grind coffee beans with blenders like Ninja, the operating process is much more straightforward than a traditional, dedicated coffee grinder. As mentioned before, a Ninja blender can cut and crushing coffee beans; hence, there’s nothing wrong with using one to do your job.

These days, some modern blenders can have a complicated blade system that allows you to change different blade types so that it suits various ingredients. However, if you only want to grind coffee beans, a popular food processor like Ninja should be more than enough.

Easy cleaning after use

Unlike ordinary coffee blenders, models from Ninja are pretty simple in terms of internal design, which does not require sophisticated cleaning operations and methods. Don’t you want to save more time and effort instead of spending dozens of minutes figuring out how to clean a blender?

Lower price

Absolutely! The amount of money you have to spend on a Ninja blender will be much cheaper than a dedicated coffee grinder. In addition, the Ninja food processors can also be used as a blender, grinder, and chopper at the same time. So why not pay once and get both benefits of money-saving and versatility?

Preserve the original taste of coffee beans

You can rest assured that the taste and aroma of coffee beans are fully preserved after being ground in a Ninja blender. Therefore, don’t worry about those rumors that doubt the quality of Ninja blenders. Go get your favorite model and prepare to enjoy your homemade coffee every day.


All in all, using a Ninja blender helps you to save more time on ingredient preparation, thanks to its flexibility and versatility. Hence, it is no exaggeration to say that you can always grind coffee beans in a Ninja blender.

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