How To Make Coffee Less Bitter Without Sugar

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Bitterness is one of the essential flavors of coffee. Although many coffee lovers think that this bitterness is what makes coffee distinctive and delicious, many people may find bitterness unappealing and consider this taste to be an obstacle preventing them from trying out coffee.

If you want to try out coffee without its natural bitterness to see why coffee lovers love coffee so much, or if you want to remove bitterness from your daily cup of coffee, the most common way you would do is probably adding sugar to your coffee so that the sweetness can combat and balance out the bitterness. However, if you do not want sugar in your diet, you can find out all the ways on how to make coffee less bitter without sugar with this article. 

Pay attention to the coffee you brew

Believe it or not, changing the types of coffee you are using is a great way to solve your problem of how to make coffee less bitter. Different types of coffee have different flavor profiles. When it comes to bitterness, it is usually formed by the level of roast of the coffee beans. Darker roast coffee is more bitter because this bitterness is the direct result of the roasting process. Some people may like this bitterness and go for a darker roast. 

Yet, if you want a less bitter cup of coffee, you should go for a medium roast. When it comes to medium roast, since the roasting process is relatively shorter and at a lower temperature, the bitterness in coffee will not be intensified. Thus, a medium roast can be a great choice if you prefer milder-tasting coffee. The principle is that the stronger your coffee is, the more bitter it is. Yet, one thing to notice is that the medium roast will come with a higher acidity level than the darker roasts. Hence, if you are sensitive to the acidity level in coffee, you should skip this method and look for other ways on how to make black coffee less bitter below.

Another type of coffee you should go for if you want to reduce your coffee bitterness is decaf coffee. Decaf coffee tastes much less bitter than your regular cup of coffee. Hence, if you don’t mind the reduced caffeine, decaf coffee is a great option to resolve your problem with the bitterness in coffee.

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Considering other brewing methods

The taste of your coffee also depends largely on how you brew it. Hence, reconsidering your brewing method is also a good way if you wonder about how to make coffee taste good without sugar. You may find it surprising, but tweaking some elements like the brewing time or the water temperature can make a big difference in the taste of your coffee.

The first element to consider is the water temperature. Since hot water will force coffee to carry the extraction process faster, you are likely to end up with a more bitter cup of coffee if you use boiling water for the brewing process. To reduce the bitterness, you should let your boiling water cool down for a while before pouring it over your coffee. In this way, the coffee extraction process will be slower and less bitterness will be extracted from coffee.

A great way to make use of water temperature and a long extraction process for a less bitter-tasting coffee is cold brew coffee. This coffee is gaining popularity lately and the reason for this popularity is the reduced bitterness in cold brew coffee. Cold-brew is the method in which you let the coffee steep in the water for 12-24 hours and let the coffee be extracted slowly during this time. As a result, you will end up with a less bitter and even slightly sweet-tasting coffee.

5 Easy Ways to Make Bitterness in Coffee without Sugar

These are also great ways on how to take the bitterness out of coffee. There are many things other than sugar you can add to coffee. Hence, let’s discover these flavor adjustments now to cut back on your sugar consumption.

Milk and Cream Make Coffee Less bitter

The creamy taste of milk and cream can immediately balance out the strong bitterness in any cup of coffee. Thus, it also adds more calories to your black coffee and turns this drink into a great breakfast. However, if you want your black coffee, you can consider other adjustments below.

Use Salt to Reduce Bitter in Your Coffee

You may think salt is a weird addition to your coffee but it actually can neutralize the bitterness and even bring out the slight sweetness that your coffee has. Everyone who is into baking knows for a fact that salt brings out and highlights sweetness in baked goods, and this applies to the little sweetness coffee has too. However, when it comes to salt, make sure that you only add a tiny pinch of salt, or else your coffee will end up tasting salty. Less is more in this case.

Add Cinnamon to your cup of Coffee

If you are a fan of this flavor, the good news is that you can also add cinnamon to your coffee to reduce its bitterness. Thus, cinnamon also comes with lots of health benefits, making it an even greater addition to your coffee. Again, the amount of cinnamon is the thing to consider here. You may want to start with a small amount of cinnamon and adjust the amount to your liking, for a huge amount of cinnamon at one go can ruin the taste of your coffee. Cinnamon has an overpowering taste after all.

Butter and Oil Make Your Coffee Less Bitter

Yes, you do not hear it wrong. Coffee, butter, and oil are all the ingredients you may need for your bulletproof coffee (and bulletproof coffee is rarely bitter). Thus, this kind of coffee is perfect for a keto diet or a boost in your metabolism. All you need to do is to blend your regular cup of coffee with a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of butter until the mixture is creamy. You can adjust the amount of oil and butter to your liking.


Honey has always been a great sugar substitute and it works wonders in this case. Sweetness is the best at combating bitterness after all. When it comes to adding honey, again, you have to pay attention to the amount of honey because it is easy to add too much honey. You should start from a smaller amount and adjust the honey according to your taste.


Now you have known all the ways on how to make your coffee less bitter without sugar. Try out the methods above and find out the best way to remove the bitterness from your coffee because some ways may work better for you. Thus, you should also share this with your friends so that more people can learn how to cut down on the amount of sugar in their daily coffee. Hopefully, you can enjoy your coffee more with our quick fixes.