How To Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam | Make Homemade Sweet Cream Cold Foam

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I bet that you will drool over a home-style sweet vanilla cream cold foam if you’re a Starbuck enthusiast.

However, do you know that a vanilla sweet Cream Cold foam has only a few basic components and may be stored in your refrigerator for up to 5 days? This explains how easy it is to make one at home.

Follow our guide on How To Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam; we will make your fantasies come true!


Things To Prepare Before Making Sweet Cream Cold Foam


  • Heavy cream: Heavy cream is the foundation of delicious vanilla cream.
  • 2% of milk: A small amount of 2% of milk is added to prevent heavy cream from turning into whipped cream. Instead, we need it to become foam. Don’t skip this ingredient!
  • Flavored syrup (like vanilla bean paste): Vanilla bean paste is indispensable for your cold foam recipe.
  • Salt: It is regularly used in smoothies to enhance the overall flavor. Hence, a pinch of salt is needed, which won’t make you regret it later.

Tools & Equiment

The reason why sweet creams are regarded as “foam” is that they are frothed into foam. Here we introduce some tools and methods that can help you achieve your ultimate goal:

  • Electric frothers: We recommend Nespresso since their products should do a great job. Make sure the chilly setting is applied.
  • The French press: When it comes to friction, the french press functions like a charm. Just put your french press on the vanilla sweet cream and froth with the pump.
  • Whisk: Don’t you have one of the above? Use some grate of the elbow and acquire a whisk after that.
  • Jar: This approach performed better than a blender, and only if you don’t have the tool would I advocate this way. Compared with blenders, the cold foam quadrupled in size but sank into the coffee quicker.
  • Immersion blender: Immersion blenders have a large plastic cup for mixing ingredients. Thanks to their smart design, they should help create a significantly thicker cold foam while keeping the frosty, creamy, thick froth from blending into your iced coffee immediately (just like what Starbucks does with their famous drink).


How To Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam: A Detailed Instructions (Copycat Starbucks Recipe)

Step 1: Make vanilla sweet cream.

  1. First, use the butter knife to scrape the vanilla bean paste off. After that, put it in a small pot.
  2. Use a pot (or a container) to combine all ingredients: syrup, heavy cream, and milk.
  3. In the refrigerator, store your delicious flavored cream. Put the required creamer in cold coffee or mix it into foam.

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Step 2: Make cold foam for your sweet cream.

Transform the sweet cream into a sweet foam with cold moisture. Whip, grill, or shake approximately 1/2 cup of the cream till it deals with a melting ice cream consistency.

Another option is to rapidly shake the cream with the lid in a cold jar. Then, smear the cream with an electric mixer or thicken the sweet cream with a diving blender.

Step 3: Serve vanilla sweet cream with your cold brew coffee

Use part of your sweet cream cold foam to transform into cold foam when you prepare a drink. From my perspective, it’s more than enough for a 16-ounce drink 1/4 – 1/2 cup of sweet cream.

Top cold brew coffee with ice and serve sweet cream cold foam. Just like Starbucks, some cream will blend into the beverage, which results in a cloudy coating of froth.

Check out this video for making sweet cream cold foam at home:

4 Tips For Simple Homemade Vallina Sweet Cream Cold Foam (Easy Instructions)

  1. Half & half milk is used to make cold foam faster; it can replace the heavy cream and milk.
  2. A portable milk frother can be used to generate cold foam. Meanwhile, a French press can also produce better and smoother froth.
  3. Pay attention so that the French press doesn’t get overfilled. As the air gets in, it will double or triple the cream in volume. Only fill the cream up to half of the French press container.
  4. Please ensure that the French press filter is completely immersed in cream to pump air into it.

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What is vallina cream cold foam?

Sweet cream cold foam is a simple blend of syrup, 2% milk, and heavy cream. The creaminess in a cup of cold brew coffee is the result of this sweet flavored cream.

Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew also uses this recipe to make their popular drink a favorite choice in the summer.

The regular spray is usually created from hot steam milk, which forms tiny microscopes in coffee beverages. This form of froth is perfect for presenting hot drinks such as lattes or even more foamy cappuccinos.

Yet, the heated foam doesn’t stand up when it comes to cold drinks. That’s why we need cold foam – cream which is frothed without heat and steam. The result is a thick, creamy meringue roof which is great to pour on the top with icy cold brew, nitro coffee, and ice lattes.

When referring to Starbucks, their sweet cream cold foam is a creamy sweet cream mixed into a creamy foam. The cream combination is simply poured into the cold-foam mixer and converted to cold-foam vanilla cream.


It’s a cloud of sweet cold cream froth, as Starbucks describes it.

What’s the flavor of cold foam?

It depends on how you drink your coffee, whether you like the chilly skin or not.

Because the cold moisture is created from nonfat milk, it can be less tasty or creamy than what some people often put on their lattes. Flavored cold moisture, topped by Starbucks or elsewhere, may be a more effective choice if non-fat milk feels watery.

You might not be drinking this if you want extremely creamy coffee: Cold foam tends to be on top of the drink and does not fit well with coffee. It is not an option even for customers that prefer alternative kinds of milk like soy milk.

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If I don’t have a French press or handheld milk frother, can I produce cold foam?

Yes, you can. Another approach to make cold foam without a French press or handheld milk frother is aggressively shaking it in an airtight container, like a tight lid jar.

However, the final result may not be superb enough. In most cases, it won’t create tiny, uniform bubbles like what you can achieve with a French press.

Can I prepare other flavored cold foam?

Swap the vanilla syrup with another flavored syrup for alternative cold foams. Try rose syrup to produce cold rose foam or cinnamon syrup to make cold cinnamon foam.

Feel free to play with your creativity, or learn from other useful tips on making impressive cold foam drinks.


If you desire to make sweet and creamy coffee, this cold sweet vanilla brewing recipe should do a great job. The cool foam of the sweet cream should live up to your expectation, and it takes only 2 minutes to create it at home.

To be honest, it’s one of the sweetest and most delicious mixtures I’ve ever tried. I’m not a huge fan of sweet coffees usually, but they deserve to be put on my new favorite drink list for the next summer months.

Don’t hesitate to save this guide and join me if you like to enjoy a wonderful drink.