How To Program Black And Decker Coffee Maker (7 Easy Steps)

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An automated coffee maker is associated with a whole host of benefits, the most significant of which is to help make a delicious cup of coffee with ease. When referring to coffee makers, most people agree that Black and Decker is the best brand on the market.

If you already have one at home but are still confused about how to operate correctly, this article will show you how to program Black and Decker coffee maker with detailed instructions and steps.

3 Different Types Of Black And Decker Coffee Makers

There are 3 main types of coffee makers that Black and Decker offers customers to choose based on their practical needs.


This product line has the capacity of 15-16 oz and does not allow you to program it digitally. It can only serve 1 cup of coffee each time, but the advantage is that this product is easy to operate.

Put coffee grounds or pre-packaged soft pods into the machine, then hit the power button. You will have your coffee mug ready after a few minutes.


This type also has no digital programming for you. However, it can make up to 5 cups of coffee for each time of use. Especially, this 5-cup has a permanent ground filter, so you do not need a paper filter anymore while processing your favorite coffee grounds, and it is much easier to clean.


This is the premium product line of Black and Decker, which offers many options to make your coffee much better in many creative ways that you can imagine, like brew strength selector or vortex technology showerhead. The most convenient feature is that you can program the coffee maker as you desire.

7 Steps To Program Black And Decker Coffee Maker

The main reason why people’s favorite coffee maker brand is Black and Decker is that its product allows you to set a specific time to start brewing the coffee. With that, you can always wake up in the morning and immediately serve yourself a hot, strong-flavored cup of coffee.

Even if you oversleep and get up late, the coffee after being brewed can still maintain the heat for at least 2 hours, enabling you to have a conscious mind to start a new day.

1. Prepare before touching any buttons

First, you need to do an overall cleaning. Wash the removable parts like the filter basket and the mug containing brewed coffee, then dry and put them back to the machine.

Pour water into the coffee maker and press to brew. This can completely get rid of the remaining dirt and kill all the bacteria while heating up. After a few minutes, take the water out, wait for the machine to cool off, and prepare to fill it with coffee.

2. Set the clock

After the coffee maker is plugged in, you can see the default time “12:00” display on the screen. To set the right time for the coffee maker, press and hold the HR button until it shows the exact time in your time zone.

3. Set the Auto-brew time

This feature allows you to set a specific time for the coffee maker to start. Press the PROG button, then set the time you want by hold the HR button, just like what you do to set the clock.

After choosing your wanted time, the screen will flash multiple times, then return to the current clock time. Next, press AUTO, and the auto-brew program will start working. When the clock hits the time you set, your coffee maker will automatically start the process of brewing the coffee.

4. Brew the coffee

To do it in a basic way, open the one-piece cover. Then fill the reservoir with the desired amount of water. Remember: You must not let the water rise over the maximum capacity. Follow the numbered line on the reservoir to make an exact measurement.

Next, place the paper filter into the removable filter basket. For this step, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, as some Black and Decker models do not require a paper filter. Next, add a reasonable amount of ground coffee, then close the cover tightly.

If you want to drink strongly flavored coffee, press the STRONG button and see the light turn on. Then press the START button to let the brewing process begin. Wait for some minutes until the coffee maker cools down, open the cover and throw the used coffee ground and paper filter into the trash can.

5. Keep the carafe plate warm

You have a choice of selecting how long you want the carafe plate to maintain the heat after brewing. First, press the KEEP WARM button, then choose from the available options: from 30 to 120 minutes. When the timer ends, the machine will immediately turn off.

6. Grind the whole beans

If you choose to brew coffee from the whole beans, you must set the machine to grind it first. Then, press the GRIND button, select the optimal level from 4 to 12 based on how many cups of coffee you want to be served.

For the ground coffee, press the GRIND button until it reaches the OFF state.

7. Clean the coffee maker

Before cleaning the machine, make sure your coffee maker is unplugged and not warm anymore. Then, take out the filter basket and carafe, wash it with water and soap, just like you are washing your dishes after meals.

Clean the outside of the coffee maker with a soft cloth. Remember, DO NOT use an abrasive cleanser, or put the machine into the water.

To avoid scale accumulation from hard water, deep cleaning the coffee maker with vinegar once a month is also a good idea. Fill the reservoir halfway with white vinegar, then fill the rest with water. In the filter basket, place the clean filter. Start the brewing cycle by pressing the ON/OFF button.

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Turn off the coffee machine when the carafe is halfway filled. Allow 15 minutes for the coffee maker and carafe to soak before turning it on to complete the cycle.

To flush out the vinegar, discard the vinegar solution and filter, fill the reservoir with fresh water and run the machine through a brewing cycle. Repeat the brewing process until the vinegar smell is gone.

You can see a visual instruction on how to program Black and Decker coffee maker here:


1. Are there any tips to make the coffee taste better?

  • Fill the carafe halfway with hot tap water and then drain it before brewing to help retain the coffee at the brewed temperature.
  • Coffee should not be kept in the refrigerator because it will decay if it comes into contact with moisture.
  • Coffee grounds should never be reused. After brewing, all of the coffee’s delicious flavors have been removed, leaving you with nothing but bitterness.
  • To brew, use spring water or filtered water. Distilled water lacks the minerals required to bind to coffee’s constituents.
  • Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee cup right now! If you leave the coffee out too long, it will heat up and change the flavor.

2. Why does my Black and Decker coffee maker not work?

Please check out these possible reasons:

  • The power is not turning on: Make that the machine is correctly plugged into a functional outlet.
  • Leaking: The water level may have risen above the maximum line.
  • Cover issue: The carafe cover is not tightly fastened.
  • Not brewing: Double-check that you have enough coffee beans and the proper amount of water.
  • Clearwater output: Check to make sure the filter is filled with the right kind of coffee.
  • Brewing is long overdue: It’s possible that the machine needs cleaning more regularly.
  • Handling is too hot: If you think the plate is already cracked, have it examined by a professional.

Finally, remember to buy a Black and Decker coffee maker from reliable sources. For your information, Amazon sellers offer a wide range of models and prices to choose from.

Note that only with a few products marked as “programmable” can you program to run at a specific time, just like this article shows you how to operate them.

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3. What is the common ratio of coffee to water?

The “Golden Ratio” is a basic rule of thumb: one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. This can be tweaked to fit one’s personal preferences.

Check your unique brewer’s cup lines or indicators to see how they truly measure. Also, keep in mind that various brewing processes lose some water due to evaporation.


So these are our detailed guide and instructions on how to program the Black and Decker coffee maker. With that power machine and proper use following this article’s guide, making good coffee is no longer difficult for everyone.