How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup At Home (Starbuck Quality): 2021 Updated Guide

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Brown sugar is basically white sugar with the addition of molasses. Made from brown sugar, brown sugar simple syrup has a rich and caramel taste that instantly makes any beverage more delicious.

Yet, if you have ever wondered how to make this syrup at home, you may be surprised to know how easy it is to make your syrup. A little spoiler would be that brown sugar and water are the only ingredients you will need. If this piques your interest, read on and find out the recipe now.

How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup recipes? 

Things to prepare

  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Flavors of your choice (optional)

Step-by-step guide

  • In a saucepan, combine equal amounts of water and sugar.
  • Add your flavoring if you want.
  • Let the mixture simmer and keep constantly stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Remove the syrup from the heat, let it cool, and then pour it into a container. As the syrup cools, it will thicken and turn into an amber brown.
  • Refrigerate the syrup and use it anytime you want.

With this recipe, you can scale up or down depending on how much you want. Then, all you have to do is mix brown sugar and water in equal quantities or adjust the ratio to your liking.

Your homemade syrup will keep for 4-6 weeks because sugar is a natural preservative. Yet, don’t be surprised if you finish it before it even begins to expire.

Tips to level up your syrup

  • Any brown sugar will do, but dark brown sugar, which contains more molasses, will give you a richer, more caramel-like flavor.
  • To sweeten your beverage, use 1-2 tablespoons of syrup.
  • Coffee, tea, lattes, and cocktails can all benefit from the addition of this syrup. Hence, don’t be hesitant to try out all the options and pick your favorite one.

Starbuck Brown Sugar Syrup

If you are a fan of Starbucks iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso but want to save the daily cost of coffee by being your own barista, a copycat Starbucks brown sugar syrup recipe would give you the taste of your favorite store-bought coffee. To make this brown sugar syrup, all you have to add to your regular brown sugar syrup is a pinch of salt.

You may be surprised, but a pinch of salt can make all the difference. People always add a little bit of salt to sweet desserts to elevate sweetness, and this syrup is no exception. A slight saltiness can balance out the bitterness and intensify the sweetness, making the syrup highly compatible with espresso coffee and turning your coffee into a delightfully sweet treat.

Why Should You Make Your Own Brown Sugar Syrup?

The majority of any simple syrup recipes use a one-to-one sugar-to-water ratio. Only two components are required, and that’s all there is to it. Hence, making brown sugar syrup cannot be simpler. Yet, it is this simplicity that allows you to be more experimental with your brown sugar syrup.

Keep in mind that the sugar-to-water ratio is not restrictive. You can sweeten the syrup with more sugar or lighten it up a little with less. A higher amount of sugar than water results in sweeter and denser syrup, and the opposite case makes a more liquid syrup. Hence, you can decide the texture of your brown sugar syrup to your liking.

You can also be more creative with your syrup by adding your favorite flavor during the making process. Just add a few drops of extract or infuse the syrup with flavors like citrus, mint, vanilla, or cinnamon. Voila, you have had your customized brown sugar syrup.

Thus, brown sugar syrup has so many applications. It can be used to sweeten drinks, but you can also make delicious boba milk tea with this simple syrup. Because of its liquid form, the syrup blends seamlessly with any chilled beverage, leaving no sugar at the bottom while bringing a rich and caramel flavor. Hence, you should make it at home to explore everything this syrup has to offer.

So, making your own syrup takes a little extra effort compared to the store-bought option, but isn’t it fun to have control over the flavor and texture of your sweetener? If you are sold, it is time to go to your kitchen and make your own brown sugar syrup with our recipe above.

The simple guideline is below:

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Should I use light or dark brown sugar in the syrup?

Because all kinds of brown sugar are made with molasses, you can use light and dark brown sugar to make syrup. Yet, although light and dark sugar can be used interchangeably in most cooking, you should be more careful with replacing one by another when making syrup.

Brown sugar has a higher molasses content, resulting in its darker color and a more acidic taste. The more molasses also means the more caramel and toffee-like flavor the syrup will have. As a result, syrup made from dark brown sugar will have a deeper, more intense, and more nuanced taste.

Yet, if you prefer lighter-tasting syrup and beverages, light brown sugar is the way to go!

Is it necessary to bring the brown sugar and water mixture to a boil?

It is not essential to bring the water to a boil. Just make sure that brown sugar gets stirred into boiling water until it dissolves completely.

Is it possible to use this syrup to make a drink for kids?

Yes, as stated below, this syrup can bring a delicious caramel flavor to all kinds of beverages. Hence, you can simply mix this syrup with milk for your kids to enjoy.

If you want to introduce the delightful taste of latte to your children, stream your milk to form foam and mix the brown sugar syrup with this latte milk. You kids will love this caramel latte.

Is brown sugar a healthier replacement for white sugar?

Brown sugar is typically just processed white sugar with molasses, resulting in more intensity in flavors and colors. Despite the obvious color difference, the two types of sugar are nutritionally equivalent, contrary to popular opinion. Although brown sugar has a few more minerals than white sugar, it essentially has no additional health benefits.


If you have reached this point of the article, you have had everything you need to know to make both regular brown sugar syrup and Starbuck brown sugar syrup. Make them at home, customize them to your preference, and enjoy all the delicious drinks you can make with this syrup. You can thank us later!