Can I Drink Bulletproof Coffee Twice A Day? Everything You Need To Know

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Bulletproof coffee is getting more popular because this coffee can bring about weight loss, increase cognitive capacity, and wake you up instantly. Actually, it is not too good to be true, considering that this coffee is made from coffee, oil, and butter. As it has high fat and low carb content, it can bring out the ketosis state in which the lack of carbs would force the body to burn fat much more effectively.

Many people now have bulletproof coffee for breakfast as the drink not only wakes you up in the morning but also gives you the fat content of this meal. Yet, many people start to wonder whether or not they can replace their regular coffee with bulletproof coffee and drink bulletproof coffee twice a day. If this is your question, read on to find out how many bulletproof coffees a day will make the best diet.

What is bulletproof coffee – butter with high fat?

Popularized by the author Dave Asprey in 2011, this coffee has been well-known among gymers and gained even more popularity with social media. Thus, as the keto diet and the ketogenic way of losing weight become more common, people look for food that provides more fat and starts to promote the ketogenic effect of bulletproof coffee. With the high amount of fat, this coffee is believed to help with promoting weight loss and energizing your body.

This drink has several health benefits. Since it is coffee-based and contains coffee, the drink retains all the benefits of coffee like reducing the risk of heart disease and premature death and providing the body with necessary antioxidants. Thus, the fat content of the bulletproof coffee has omega-3 fatty acids. Hence, you can also get good fat that improves the health of your bones and your heart with this coffee.

Can I drink bulletproof coffee twice a day?

You can drink bulletproof coffee twice a day. In fact, you can even substitute your regular coffee with this drink entirely if you don’t mind the added fat. Since bulletproof coffee has the same caffeine content as normal coffee, you will not have to worry about consuming too much caffeine with bulletproof coffee. Hence, you can decide how often you should drink bulletproof coffee according to your needs for caffeine and fat.

However, the recommended daily dose of bulletproof coffee is one cup a day. The reason is that this coffee is high in saturated fat and overconsumption of this fat can increase your cholesterol level. Hence, drinking too much bulletproof coffee, your diet might have too much caffeine and fat that could be unhealthy for you. 

Yet, if you are a fan of this drink and want more than one cup, you can cut down on your regular fat consumption to have this coffee. Therefore, the answer to this question would be that you can enjoy bulletproof coffee twice a day. Yet, you should consider the risks to your health that may come with this practice.

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How many times drinking this keto coffee?

Since this buttery drink can trigger the ketosis effect that boosts the metabolism of your body, it can make an ideal beverage for a ketogenic diet or give you energy during your intermittent fasting period. Yet, when you are on a diet, it is best to pay attention to the amount of bulletproof coffee you consume. You can decide on the amount of bulletproof coffee that fits your diet based on your daily macros (your daily intake of fats, proteins, and carbs).

A regular cup of bulletproof coffee contains about 260 calories with 1.05 Net Carbs, 1.08g protein, and 27.7g fat. Yet, if you choose to add the sweetener to your bulletproof coffee, your carb count will add up. So you should decide how much you want bulletproof coffee to take up in your diet and get the amount of bulletproof coffee accordingly.

One important thing to remember is that you should not use this coffee in your diet. This coffee is has a lot of fat but is rather low in other nutrients. Hence, you should not build your keto diet around this coffee. Think of it as only a supplement or addition that would add more variety to your diet.

Another thing to consider when it comes to consuming this coffee is your caffeine tolerance. If you do not have a high caffeine tolerance, you should only have 1 or 2 cups of bulletproof coffee a day. Or else, you might end up with some side effects when your body has too much caffeine. 

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How to make bulletproof coffee at home? Discover the recipes

Bulletproof coffee might look like a latte. Yet, since the ingredients of the two drinks (other than coffee) are completely different, the taste is by no means similar. Bulletproof coffee has a distinctive creaminess and butteriness that many people love. If you are a fan of keto coffee and want to make this at home and try for yourself the benefits bulletproof coffee promises, here is the bulletproof coffee diet recipe that you could do at home.

  • Preparation: Prepare brewed coffee (1 cup of regular brewed coffee for 1 cup of bulletproof coffee), 1-2 tablespoons of oil, and 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted butter.
  • Brew your coffee: You can brew your regular black coffee or you can choose the coffee beans that are designed for the bulletproof coffee for extra flavor.
  • Mix the ingredients: Add your brewed coffee, oil, and unsalted butter to a blender and blend until all the ingredients corporate well with each other. Based on your preference, you can adjust the butter and the oil to your coffee. Remember that the more fat you put in, the creamier your coffee will be.
  • Blend: You should let your blender run for about 30 seconds to let your coffee build a creamy texture.


If you have reached this point of the article, you have had all the information regarding bulletproof coffee that you might look for. Bulletproof coffee is an amazing and tasty drink that triggers the ketosis effect of your body and allows you to lose weight. Yet, it also comes with certain health risks that you must consider carefully before incorporating this drink into your daily diet. 

Remember that even if you can drink bulletproof coffee two times a day, you should not enjoy more than one cup of this buttery drink on a daily basis for your best interest.