Can You Make Regular Coffee With Espresso Beans

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Espresso is incredibly versatile and can be the base for many amazing drinks like Americano, Latte, or Cappuccino. Thus, you can add your favorite ingredients to a shot of espresso to customize your coffee drink. The possibility is endless.

Yet, espresso can be different from your regular cup of coffee. Hence, if you want to know “Can you make regular coffee with espresso beans?”, you should read the article below to find out the answer as well as the essential difference between your regular coffee and a shot of espresso.

What’s The Difference Between Coffee Beans And Espresso Beans?

Coffee beans can include espresso beans. Most coffee beans available now are either Robusta coffee beans or Arabica coffee beans. These beans are used to make regular coffee which is essentially any kind of coffee including espresso. You can use these beans to make any coffee you want like French Press or the traditional drip coffee.

Meanwhile, espresso beans need to be roasted more carefully and be grounded more finely so that they can work with an espresso machine to produce a standard shot of espresso. Since espresso is a dark, full-bodied, and concentrated drink, the beans are roasted longer and darker so that acidity can be removed and the coffee grounds can release more oil during the brewing process. In this way, the drink can have its distinctive deep and toasted flavor.

What further sets your regular cup of coffee apart from espresso is the preparation process. You need an espresso machine to prepare a shot of espresso while you have much more brewing methods to apply to your regular coffee.

Hence, normally, if you see a bag of coffee with the label espresso coffee beans, you can know that the beans are roasted to the dark and toasted point that they are ready to make espresso.

Can You Use Espresso Bean For Coffee? 

With the difference resolved, the impending question “Can you use espresso beans for coffee?” remains. The short answer is yes, you can use espresso beans for coffee. Since espresso beans are a type of bean, you can make any coffee from these beans. Moreover, espresso beans can be a great ingredient for your regular coffee because they can offer a darker and richer coffee taste.

To make the most out of the espresso beans, you should use the pour-over method. Meanwhile, you may not want to use this in your drip coffee. Espresso beans are usually ground too finely for a drip coffee machine, which can result in over-extraction and bitter taste. Drip coffee makers usually call for a specific type of beans, so you should pay attention to the coffee beans that can be used for this machine.

Another thing to remember before substituting your regular coffee beans with espresso beans is that espresso beans are roasted for much longer and have a lot of flavor from the roasting process. This flavor can be attractive to some people while others may prefer a more natural coffee flavor. If you look for a more natural coffee flavor, you should look for coffee beans with a shorter roasting process.

Can You Use Espresso Coffee In A French Press?

French Press is a popular coffee brewing method as it results in strong and delicious coffee. French Press can make a lot of coffee and can work with various types of coffee beans. Hence, you may wonder if this brewing method is compatible with espresso beans. Technically, espresso beans work fine with your French Press. 

Yet, if your espresso coffee beans are pre-ground for French Press, you may want to pay attention to the grind size of the coffee grounds before putting it into your French Press. Since espresso grounds are one of the most finely-ground types, the filter of French Press might not be able to filter all the coffee grounds, leaving some coffee grounds in your coffee. Meanwhile, if you get to grind your own espresso coffee beans, make sure that you do not grind them too finely if you plan to use them for your French Press. 

Thus, since espresso coffee beans will give you much stronger tasting coffee regardless of the brewing method and French Press is also one of the most effective ways to brew strong coffee, coupling espresso coffee beans, and French Press might result in too strong-tasting coffee. Hence, a coarser grind can also slow down the coffee extraction process with the French Press brewing method, leading to better tasting French Press coffee from espresso coffee beans.

How To Make Regular Coffee With Espresso Bean? The Best Recipes

As mentioned above, the best method to make use of the espresso coffee beans for your regular coffee is the pour-over method. There are various ways to make a pour-over cup of coffee. Yet, in this article, we will show you a foolproof way that gives you a delicious cup of coffee every time. Here is the way of making coffee with espresso beans:


You will need a pour-over coffee maker, a kitchen scale for exact measurement, a kettle, a cup, and your espresso coffee beans. You can get your espresso beans from your favorite coffee house or you can choose one from the available range in the market. Any espresso coffee beans will work.

You should also grind your coffee in this step. You should not grind your espresso beans too finely to optimize the coffee extraction and the flavor resulting from the pour-over method.

Get the right amount of coffee

This step is important if you want a delicious cup of coffee. Hence, although it can be a bit tedious and tricky at first, the result will not disappoint you. The recommended amount of coffee grounds is one gram of coffee for every 18 grams of water. You should decide on the amount of water before getting the appropriate amount of coffee grounds.

Set up and get ready to brew your coffee

You should prepare your filter. Usually, people use a paper filter for this method. You should choose the right kind of filter to match with the grind size of your coffee beans, for unmatched filters can mess up the extraction or make coffee grounds end up in your coffee. Another essential step to complete setting up is to heat your water and make sure that the water is hot enough for the coffee extraction.

Do the pour-over

Place the coffee grounds inside the paper filter and put the entire thing over your cup of coffee. Pour the hot water slowly to wet the coffee ground thoroughly first. When the coffee grounds bloom (30 seconds after you wet your grounds), pour the remaining hot water in a circular motion to let your coffee brew properly.

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Now you have had everything you need to know to answer the question “Can you make regular coffee with espresso beans?”. The short answer is yes and the more detailed one is to consider the brewing method and the grind size of the espresso beans carefully before using the espresso beans in place of your regular coffee beans.