Pre-ground Coffee For French Press: A Complete Guide 2021

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Brewing coffee in a French Press is by no means an easy task. You will have to do a lot of work, and the machine will not automatically handle every process of making your coffee. However, for French Press coffee lovers, the French Press way of making coffee is great because it gives them lots of control over the brewing process and the taste of coffee.

Today, we will tackle one of the essential parts of making coffee by learning how to choose the proper pre-ground coffee for French Press. The suitable grounds can optimize the brewing process and give you the best-tasting coffee, so read on to discover which pre-ground coffee you should get for your French Press.

Can You Use Regular Pre-Ground Coffee In A French Press?

The answer is yes. You can use pre-ground coffee in a french press. Yet, the answer is not that simple if you want to make the smooth and delicious French Press coffee with pre-ground coffee.

French press coffee lovers might want more freshness in the taste of coffee, which would be deteriorated with the lengthy process involved in making pre-ground coffee. Hence, you may want to consider these factors before using pre-ground coffee in a French press.

Pre-ground Coffee For French Press

Thus, the French Press grounds are coarse coffee grounds that will allow the proper extraction and the right coffee taste. However, since pre-ground coffee is some of the most finely ground coffee made for the drip coffee maker, this pre-ground coffee can result in lots of particles and solids in your coffee. Thus, the finer-ground coffee can make yours much more bitter because over-extraction is likely to occur with pre-ground coffee. Hence, you will have to make the proper adjustment of water and coffee to get your desired result.

Yet, if you don’t mind making adjustments or if pre-ground coffee is the only kind of coffee you have at home, read on for the best pre-ground coffee for your French Press.

How To Use A French Press With Pre-ground Coffee?

Follow the steps below to make the perfect French Press coffee with pre-ground coffee.

Pre-ground Coffee For French Press

  • Get the ratio right. When making this coffee with pre-ground coffee, you should use less coffee ground and cooler water to slow down the coffee extraction of finer coffee ground. The ideal ratio is 15 parts of water for every 1 part of pre-ground coffee.
  • Add the coffee ground to the press and fill a quarter of the press with water. Wait 30 seconds before stirring for the water and the coffee to mix well with each other.
  • Add the rest of the water to the French Press and steep your coffee to let the coffee extraction happen. Yet, you should reduce the brewing time so that you will not end up with over-extraction and bitter taste. Since the usually steeping time is 4 minutes, you should just let yours steep for 3.5 minutes with pre-ground coffee.

5 Best Pre-ground Coffee For French Press

Now that you know the drawbacks of using pre-ground coffee in your French Press and how to minimize the disadvantages by adjusting coffee, water, and brewing time, let’s find out some of the best pre-ground coffee for yours.

In theory, any pre-ground would work if you make the proper adjustment. Yet, if you like the smooth and robust flavor of the original French Press, you should go for medium roast pre-ground coffee.

The medium roast pre-ground coffee is the best roast for French Press coffee because the medium roast will work with the French Press brewing method to give you the strong flavor of French Press. However, when it comes to French Press, the light roast can result in a mild taste. Meanwhile, the dark roast may make your coffee too bitter when coupled with the French Press’s brewing method, which brings out much more coffee extraction than that of the coffee maker.

Hence, the medium roast is the way to go, for this roast can work with the water and brewing time adjustment above to make the best one. With this type of coffee, you may be surprised with your homemade French Press.

Now that we have learned about the best roasting level let’s go through some suggestions for your convenience. Our selections will contain readily available options in both stores and online all over the world. Hence, you can easily find them everywhere and conveniently make French Press at home.

Amazon Fresh Ground Coffee – the best choice for French press

This product is made of Arabica beans and is a medium roasted coffee ground. The medium roast has a dark color and a deep and rich aroma resulting from the long roasting time.

With this product, you can also get citrus and cocoa flavor in your French Press, which can be a great addition to your smooth and strong coffee.

Royal Kona Coffee

This is another medium roast pre-ground coffee that will make tasty and aromatic coffee in your French Press. Selected from the best Kona harvest and carefully roasted in the brand’s traditional way, this product is made from Arabica coffee, free of GMO, and perfectly roasted to offer your coffee both the taste of coffee and the roasting process. This coffee ground will give your French Press and full body coffee with a rich flavor.

Pre-ground Coffee For French Press

Thus, this pre-ground coffee makes coffee with a lower level of acidity. Hence, if you are sensitive to the acidity in coffee or have an upset stomach, this pre-ground coffee is the way to go.

Bulletproof Ground Coffee

This coffee is, again, medium roast pre-ground coffee. Thus, since the coffee beans are roasted in smaller batches according to the manufacturer, the roasting flavor will be distributed more evenly among the coffee, making your French Press coffee more flavorful.

Pre-ground Coffee For French Press

With Bulletproof coffee, you can get the flavor of cinnamon, hazelnut, plum, and chocolate. Hence, if you like these flavors, you should get this pre-ground coffee for your French Press.

Bean Box Coffee – editor’s choice for pre ground for French press

The Bean Box Coffee Gourmet Sample comes with 4 different types of medium roast pre-ground coffee, which are ideal if you want to try out different tastes. For example, you can try hazelnut, cherry, or chocolate with various selections. Thus, this brand has a different and rather unique roasting technique compared to the traditional process, resulting in a distinctive taste that has charmed many people.

Pre-ground Coffee For French Press

Hence, if you want to broaden your experience with coffee, Bean Box Coffee is a great option.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

As its name suggests, this coffee comes from Jamaica, which gives you the nutty and acidic citrus flavor of Jamaican coffee. Again, this coffee is medium-roasted, the ideal pre-ground type for yours. Hence, it can keep its taste, flavor, and scent if you brew it the right way.

Pre-ground Coffee For French Press

Thus, compared to other pre-ground coffee, this product still retains a good freshness even after manufacturing. Hence, if you look for more freshness in your French Press coffee, this product is the way to go.


Now you have had everything you need to know about the best pre-ground coffee for your French Press. So get your favorite pre-ground coffee and make French Press at home now with our guide, for you may fall in love with French Press even more once you try.

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