Mr Coffee Grinder Not Working

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Your coffee grinder has been grinding your beans precisely, consistently, and effectively for months, resulting in well-balanced coffees or espressos. Then, however, it abruptly came to a halt. The machine’s engine is still operating, but no coffee is being dispensed into the burr chamber. 

You’re stuck with your grinder, with your Mr Coffee grinder not working. But don’t get too worried — there are a few things to remember while fixing grinder problems.

This coffee grinder guide explains how a coffee grinder works, what commonly goes wrong, how to detect a coffee grinder problem, and what components and tools you’ll need to fix it. It then offers straightforward step-by-step instructions for disassembling a coffee grinder and directs you to motor testing and repair procedures.

How Does Mr Coffee Grinder Work?

A coffee grinder is a tiny electric device that uses a rotating blade to cut coffee beans. In the middle of the coffee grinder, a tiny universal motor spins a shaft. A blade on the shaft spins, cutting coffee beans into tiny pieces. The size of the particles, known as grinds, is determined by how long the grinder runs and how sharp the blade is.

The burr grinder from Mr. Coffee is a motorized grinder that can grind from coarse to superfine. Its detachable hopper lets you grind up to 1/2 pound of coffee beans at a time, which is equivalent to roughly 41 regular 9-oz cups. Of course, most people will grind fewer beans at a time to keep them fresh, but I like the bulk processing option.

According to the manufacturer, this device provides superior performance, emphasizing the consistent grind size that burr mills are recognized for. However, in practice, I’ve found that the coarser settings grind better. Thus it’s not as uniform as it might be.

Why Is Your Mr Coffee Grinder Not Working?

Power system

You may discover that the grinder will not start for no apparent reason. For example, this might be the result of a power system issue.

When you have this problem, you should check the power and ensure the outlet is turned on. After that, inspect the electrical cord to see if the problem persists and correct it as soon as possible.

Frozen motor

The motor shaft may be frozen if the Mr. Coffee grinder does not work.

In this situation, it is recommended that the grinder be disassembled, the shaft is cleaned, and one or two drops of lightweight machine oil be prepared to lubricate each bearing point. As a result, you should twist the shaft to evenly disperse the oil.

Clogged grinder

When you have a Mr Coffee burr grinder not working, you may notice that they do not spin all of the time. This is because the grinds in the grinder may be clogged.

Grinds can become clogged in any location, although it is most frequent behind the button that initiates grinding. The grinders are unable to work effectively due to the absence of touch.

If you encounter this issue, disconnect the machine and use a fine brush to remove any grinds from the switch. Then, using a toothpick, push the switch a few times. If the problem persists, disassemble the Mr. Coffee grinder and clean and inspect the switch for a break, which you may repair.


The electric coffee grinder’s burr may bend and dull if the Mr. Coffee coffee grinder vibrates, or the electric switch may break.

You should inspect the burr and replace it if it is damaged or dull while dealing with this scenario. A worn motor bearing is another source of vibration. Remove the access plate from the grinder and disconnect it.

What Are The General Steps To Repair A Coffee Grinder?

The first thing to do is double-check that the power is turned on and the electrical cable is plugged in. Next, you should try removing the plug and wiping up the grinds with a fine brush. Depressing the switch button with a toothpick a few times is also a good idea. If you cannot fix a coffee grinder not working this way, dismantle it and clean it well.


Cleaning a burr grinder varies by model, owing to differences in parts and structure, but the idea remains the same, even for manual hand mills. The process begins with the disassembly of the grinder.

  • In most burr grinders, coffee beans are stored in a hopper. Remove it and hand-wash it, as well as the cover.
  • Remove the hopper and run the grinder for a few seconds (if feasible) to clear the burrs of any leftover coffee.
  • Remove the grinder from the outlet.
  • After that, wash any plastic or rubber pieces that come into contact with coffee beans by hand, including the container that collects the ground coffee.
  • The inner burr should be removed. This process may need the use of a tool.
  • Remove any coffee grounds trapped between the inner and outer burrs using a sharp brush.
  • Wipe the inner and outer burrs with a dry cloth to help absorb and remove any oils left behind by the coffee beans. (Do not use water to clean the burrs.)
  • Allow all hand-washed parts to dry completely before reassembling the grinder.


To disassemble a coffee grinder, follow these steps:

  • First, remove the grinder from the outlet. To release the baseplate, remove the screws from below the device. Next, grasp the blade with a thick towel while twisting the motor shaft counterclockwise with a screwdriver or tiny pliers.
  • Remove the motor for testing if necessary. A connecting arm, screws, or a clip will hold the motor in place.

Use a pulsing motion to grind the beans for excellent coffee and to protect the engine from overheating. To pulse, push and hold the control switch for a few seconds before pressing it again.

Check out this video for Mr Coffee burr grinder troubleshooting: Coffee Grinder Troubleshooting


We hope you can easily save the day when you notice your Mr Coffee grinder not working with the above information. In addition, we have mentioned all the frequent difficulties and solutions to deal with your instances successfully. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and good luck with Mr Coffee burr grinder troubleshooting!

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